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"Saving for retirement is not about what you earn. It’s about how much you can keep over the long haul."
People struggle to save for their golden years. Having been involved in financial services, both as an insurance agent and as a tax preparation specialist, for over 40 years, I’ve seen markets meltdown, tax rates rise and fall, inflation go through the roof and be reduced to practically zero.  

I remember when the Qualified Plans came to be because companies could no longer afford to pay pensions.    

Qualified Plans seem like a good idea—postpone paying taxes. 

No one likes paying taxes. But is postponing taxation really that beneficial? 

Given today’s economy and the fact that we’re sitting under an enormous amount of debt means that taxes probably are not going to be lowered. 

If you just look at the national debt, it sits at 19.9 trillion (as of May, 2017)—and climbing by the second. Never mind how much money one trillion dollars is…let along nineteen!  
That’s money that the U.S. government has to pay off at some point.
"With proper navigation and setting your course you will reach your destination... and enjoy the ride." 
 So, chances are, you’re not going to save money by postponing the inevitable—the taxes you have to pay on your qualified plan money you’re saving right now. 

What people need is a tax efficient way of handling their savings and retirement account. Tax efficient does not mean tax evasion. Being efficient means that you are controlling your money in a way that legally pays the least amount of taxes in the long run.   

In other words, you want to handle your money in a way that is designed to make the most sense to you, not the government. 
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Blue Creek Financial Service is dedicated to restoring hope to American households by working with them to reach these goals. Success is gained by eliminating debt and minimizing exposure to taxes during retirement.

I'm Bob Keogh

My main concern is making sure people’s money lasts as long as they do.
After a short stint as a professional, with the Boy Scouts of America, Bob got involved in the insurance business in 1976. Income tax preparation was added to the resume in 1991. 

The combination of these two experiences exposed a need to educate clients to use their assets to maximize their retirement opportunities by making efficient use of the tax code.  

Bob is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, graduated from Salem (WV) College and moved to NW Ohio following graduation. Bob has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

I'm Cheryl Scarlato

I am committed to helping people get out of debt and use these savings to build a better future.
Cheryl has been a hairdresser for over 30 years, and a beauty supply rep as well. She not only helped with their beauty needs but became a trusted friend as well. 

Hearing the challenges people faced, as they moved toward retirement, on a day to day basis Cheryl referred people to her husband, Frank, who was a financial advisor. Frank started a Medicare Health Insurance business to compliment his business. 

Cheryl later became a licensed insurance agent and they formed Seniors Solutions Group. Realizing that there are many more challenges to planning retirement than just medical issues, they have partnered with Blue Creek Financial Service, adding tax advantaged retirement opportunities, to their portfolio.

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#1  Life insurance rates have decreased dramatically!
#4  Government tax codes allow you to exchange old policies for new, lower cost ones—all without taxation or penalties!
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CLICK BELOW to download a free chapter of My Family Financial Miracle by my friend and colleague, Merle Gilley. 

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An Alternative Solution to Financial Success
There’s an old saying that goes: “a taxpayer can take any honest action they see fit to pay what they owe and not a penny more.” 

I firmly believe that—and I also advocate for all legal ways to be tax efficient.  

I have been in the business of helping people manage their saving efficiently for four decades. I have seen financial products come and go, and I believe that the current Index Universal Life (IUL) permanent life insurance products—when structured correctly—can offer you the tax-efficient benefits your need to make your money last. 

Index Universal Life (IUL) insurance is not your grandfather’s insurance—that was all about the death benefit. 

Today’s IUL is a financial accumulator that is powerful, dependable, and safe with a proven track record of competitive returns. I only work with strong, A+ rated companies that have been protecting families and businesses for hundreds of years. 
An IUL Offers You Very Important Benefits:
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediatelyTax Efficient: In an IUL, you can take advantage of IRS tax codes that allow you to grow your money in a tax-advantaged environment and then access your money income-tax free. This is the number one advantage, because you never have to worry about how much money the government is going to take down the road.
  • Competitive Returns: why put your money in the stock market when it can be in a vehicle that gives you market-like returns but your money isn’t actually in the market? It is always in a safe place, earning uninterrupted compounding interest, which adds up quick. (check out any compounding interest calculator available on the internet to see what I mean.)
  • Efficient use of your money: with IUL, there’s also a way you can earn money while you’re using it. This is the “living benefits” of life insurance that most people don’t know about—but once they find out, they love it!
  • Liquidity, Use, and Control: in the free chapter I’m offering from my good friend and colleague, Merle Gilley, you’re going to find out what liquidity, use, and control means, and why that is so important for your money. You don’t want the government telling you when you can and can’t use your money.
  • It is “self-completing”: being in the business as long as I have, I have seen what a life insurance policy can mean for a family when those who provide meet an untimely death. I like to see my clients covered so we all know they are sheltered from unseen and often devastating storms.
When you think about what is important to you like saving money in a competitive yet protected account, having access to your savings anytime or preparing for a tax-advantaged retirement income, doesn’t it make sense to get all the facts—today?
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